About Us

“Piti piti, zwazo fe nich li.”
Little by little, a bird builds its nest.

Wings Over Haiti (WOH) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of Haitian children and strengthening Haitian communities through equitable and free access to education, medical services, and nutrition. Wings Over Haiti currently provides education to over one hundred children and is in the process of expanding our school to ensure quality learning and resources for three hundred more. As the Haitian proverb goes, with time and patience, the bird builds its nest. Similarly, we nurture our children so that they may build strong nests over time, from which to fly.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission: The mission of Wings Over Haiti is to effectively provide Haitian children with safe access to education, health services, and nourishment, to equip students with the skills, competencies, and personal development needed to succeed in the world.

Our Vision: Wings Over Haiti envisions a future in which every Haitian child has their basic needs met so that they may productively learn, grow, and receive the opportunity to take flight and soar.

The Ranquitte School Project

there was only rubble
left over after the earthquake
Ranquitte School Then
6 YEARS AGO there was only rubble left over after the earthquake
Now 4 Classrooms
Ranquitte School Now

Our Curriculum

In accordance with the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training of Haiti, Wings Over Haiti follows the national curriculum implemented by the Ministry of Education. Beginning in pre-primary, students learn bilingually in Haitian Creole and French, with an emphasis Haitian Creole to support literacy acquisition. As students progress through elementary school, French instruction increases, to prepare students for national exams that are in French. Beyond core educational subjects, students also learn about the importance of physical health to promote well-being and reduce risk of illness.

What we plan on doing

Expand one additional grade a year, accomodating 20 new students and the necessary classrooms to eventually grow the school to accomodate 400 students through 12 grade. The construction of 4 new classroooms on the second flooor of the first building will be built, staffed and open by October 2024.

We’ll grow the school responsibly, as we did with our first school, attending not only to education but to the underlying health and nutritional impediments to successful learning. We want to build on our experience, continue to develop this vitally needed school and open the doors to education and real improvement in the lives of so many children.

We’ve pulled together a great team in the US. We have a motivated group of people on the ground in Haiti and all we need now is the funding to get it done.

Soon With Your Help!
Soon With Your Help!

What we need

We need $215,000.

That includes the construction of the 4 new classrooms, a well with storage and water filtration, ongoing salaries, supplies, and other operating expenses for two years.

To date, we have been funded through an annual fundraiser, generous donations, and a “buddy program” where benefactors from all over sponsor individual children throughout their education.

As we grow, we recognize the need to secure benefactors, partners and grants when possible.

Jonathan Glynn

We know how to create alliances in the community. We learned how to maneuver through the bureaucracies. We developed relationships with like-minded Haitians whose passion is contagious and whose commitment is demonstrated. Our team, both in America and in Haiti, is strong and growing stronger. Nothing is impossible.

Jonathan Glynn
Founding Director, Wings over Haiti

WOH 2023 Financials

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